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Hi everyone! We have been receiving a lot of questions about how we’re going to handle the food on our events so we wanted to give you an update about our food policies moving forward.

We’ve been managing cycling events for 15 years now, and have also participated in other events as cyclists ourselves for many more. We are aware of the significant importance of having plenty of nutritious, high quality food conveniently available at a good value; we know first hand how food can make or break an event. We also respect that everyone has their own personal food preferences, and sometimes, it's not always possible to please everyone.

The food and beverages we have available on our events may not be fancy to some, but they are of great quality and quantity. You'll be able to easily fuel up for the upcoming ride and replenish yourself from the ride you completed with the right kind of food. Our food and beverages are rich in carbohydrates and have been designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of cyclists.

If you have any special dietary concerns (vegetarian, food allergies, etc.), you must let us know when you register. Vegetarian options will be available, and we will make every reasonable effort to be able to accommodate all other dietary requests.

Quick Food Story: At breakfast, a few days into a cycling event he was participating in, Rob (Bike Wisconsin's owner) was feeling a bit hungry and happily ate eight pancakes, eight sausages, and drank eight cups of coffee; he still didn't feel that full. We understand from personal experience the incredible amount of food you will eat.

Meal Plan Options
As a result of the inconsistent quality and value of the meal plans offered in previous years, Bike Wisconsin will no longer offer meal plans (such as dinners or breakfasts) nor handle any payments for food. When a food item is not already included as part of the event, all participants will now pay for it on their own.

Food on the Road

Snacks and Beverages at the Rest Stop Locations
All snacks, beverages, and sports drinks at all rest stop locations will be all-you-can-eat and are already included with registration for every participant. No need to worry about finding food on the road, having enough money, or eating food that is not the most appropriate for cycling! We will also have rest stops set up at the main lodging site both before the start of the ride so you can stock up before the first upcoming ride and also at the end of the ride so you can replenish yourself from the previous ride at the end of the day.

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Lunch on the road will be entirely on your own, most likely in one of the small towns we pass through. We will not provide a separate lunch other than our included snack items and sports drinks items at our rest stop locations. If you want to get lunch on the road make sure to carry some extra cash with you on your bike since it will not be included with registration. Enough time will be designed into our riding plans and rest stop cut-off times for you to be able to eat lunch if you want.

  • Click Here for more information about lunch on the road.

Food in the Stopping Towns (Dinner And Breakfast)

We believe that local restaurants and taverns in each stopping town are the best places for our participants to get the best possible dinner at the best value at because it is their profession to do so. They are inherently motivated to do a great job in order to earn and keep your business and their atmosphere gives you the best local flavor of each town we stop in.

One of the best things about having dinner at restaurants is that you will be able to go and eat dinner when you want to. You won't arrive at the end of the ride at the same time as every other participant, so why should you wait to have dinner all at the same time? You won't have to wait to eat all hungry and tired from the road until a specific serving time, only to wait in a incredibly long serving lines with everyone else who had to wait for dinner.

In larger stopping towns where there are numerous restaurant options available within a reasonable walking or biking distance from the ending location of the ride, you will go and get dinner on your own. We will work closely with the local restaurants in the stopping towns so that they are expecting and fully prepared for us! If not enough restaurants are near the main lodging site we will provide shuttle transportation for you that will run late into the night.

In very small towns with a limited number of restaurant options we will coordinate a group dinner with a local food service provider either directly at the main lodging site or very close to it. Dinners will have a local flavor and vegetarian options will always be available.

We will provide an all you can eat continental style breakfast every morning directly at the main lodging site that is included with registration for every participant. You’ll be able to stock up on a good, nutritious breakfast for the upcoming ride without having to travel anywhere else! Don’t worry, we will have plenty of hot, very fully caffeinated coffee available (you wouldn't believe how often we get asked this).

Unfortunately, at this time we will not be able to provide any hot items (bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes, etc.) as part of our breakfast so if you want any you will need to get them yourself at a restaurant in the stopping town or on the road. However, we are however working with local food service providers on being able to provide hot items oursleves for an additional fee so stay tuned for more information!

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Meals Provided by Local Community Groups
We do not believe that local community groups or schools are the best possible food service providers in our stopping towns because providing food for our events is generally a one-time occurrence for them in the middle of the summer. Providing enough quantity and variety of fresh, quality food while minimizing waste can be extremely risky and challenging for them and many problems have occurred in the past as a result. They need to know exactly how many people to serve and be guaranteed payment, but is impossible to know the exact number of people to serve and a guaranteed payment is a very poor incentive to do a great job nor does it provide any real repercussion if they don’t.

We do understand that food sales still can and do greatly benefit local community groups as fund raisers and we look forward to providing them the opportunity to have food for sale that will supplement the items already included with registration that we cannot provide ourselves. At the rest stop locations these items could include such hot grilled items as brats, burgers, hot dogs, veggie patties, cold/frozen items such as ice cream and ice cold pop, and homemade items such as cookies, brownies, lemon bars, and church lady pie. At breakfast these items could include the hot items that we can’t provide ourselves such as pancakes, sausage, bacon, potatoes, etc. Stay tuned for more information!

We will also continue to provide opportunities to benefit local community groups in other, much less risky ways than food sales.

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