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Initial Registration for all 2017 events is now open!

Overall Information
This year we will begin the registration process by initially taking fully refundable deposits for all three Bike Wisconsin events. That way you will be able to know your summer plans are locked in and we can get an idea of the expected participation of all three events.

The reason we are initially taking deposits only and not opening up full registration yet is because unfortunately there are still quite a few logistic and service improvements for all events that we are still working very, very, very hard on and a lot of the specific aspects of these have not been finalized yet such as such as the final prices, daily mileages, on road and in town services, etc. We want you know to know exactly what to expect about our events and absolutely confident in our services so you can make a fully informed decision about participating.

We're still not sure about what the final price of the events will be yet, but we can say they won't be above $499 each. The initial deposit for all events will be $150, which is definitely lower than the registration fee for all events will be. You will also be able to indicate your interset in other optional services and merchandise such as transportation, tent rental, jerseys, etc. so we can follow up with you later as they become available.

Once the specifics about each event have been finalized we will post up all of the new information online. If our events no longer suit what you are looking for and you decide you no longer want to participate we will fully refund your deposit upon request until a specific deadline.

  • Update 6/1/17: The last day to submit a refund request for a tour will be the regular registration deadline for that tour. After that, fees are not refundable at any time for any reason.

Or if you are even more excited about our events (and we're pretty sure you will be!), everyone who submitted an initial deposit will need to complete the full registration and submit the remaining registration fees by that deadline. Don't worry - we will give you plenty of advance notice about when the deadline will be.

Once more information about each event has been posted, we will also open up full registration and no longer only accept initial deposits. After that, our standard policies regarding changes, cancellations, and refunds will apply.

  • Click Here for more information about changes and cancellations. (you will be redirected to the Bicycle Illinois web site)
  • Click Here for more information about refunds. (you will be redirected to the Bicycle Illinois web site)

Registration Limits
Being a transition year, as our logistic plans come together we will probably be limiting our participation numbers for this year. Everyone who initially registers though will be guaranteed a spot (we will not drop anyone), so make sure to submit your initial deposit now in order to assure yourself a spot! Since you can cancel in the future anyways, you really have nothing to lose!!!!!

Sales Tax
We will have two separate registration forms for each event - one for Wisconsin residents and one for non-Wisconsin residents in order to appropriately charge 5.6% sales tax to Wisconsin residents for all services and merchandise per Wisconsin state and county law.


GRABAAWR (Sat. June 10th - Sat. June 17th, 2017)

for Wisconsin residents

for Non-Wisconsin residents


Bike Northwoods Tour (Sat. July 8th - Fri. July 14th, 2017)

for Wisconsin residents

for Non-Wisconsin residents


SAGBRAW (Sat. Aug. 5th - Fri. Aug. 11th, 2017)

for Wisconsin residents

for Non-Wisconsin residents
  • Click Here for our online registration policies and procedures.


If you do not wish to pay the additional processing fees charged by or prefer to pay by check or money order, click below to download the paper registration form.

  • Click Here to download the initial deposit paper registration form for GRABAAWR.
  • Click Here to download the initial deposit paper registration form for the Bike Northwoods Tour.
  • Click Here to download the initial deposit paper registration form for SAGBRAW.
  • Click Here for our paper registration policies and procedures.

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