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September 18-29, 2015
"The tour is a wonderfully unique and almost magical journey into one of the world's most beautiful and historically significant regions - a "must-do" tour for anyone who loves bicycle touring,"  Dave H. Grafton WI  
      Quaint Villages
Provence is an area rich in Roman history and beautiful sun drenched villages. In this idyllic southeastern corner of France, you’ll find quaint villages stretching out over plains, or beautifully perched on top of small hills. 

As you cycle from one village to another by either following our suggested route or by a direction of your own choosing, you busy marketswill be struck by the beautiful landscapes. They are brightly colored and radiate with a gentle charm that seems to greet you at every turn.

Provence, the ancient Roman Provincia, will romance you with beautiful vistas, charming villages, and the phenomenal history of ancient Rome still intact roughly 2,000 years later. From the hustle and bustle at the outdoor markets to the Renaissance abbeys and Roman aqueducts, journey back in time through 20 centuries-of-life in Provence by bicycle.
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Hope you can join us! 
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